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  1. Wanted to comment on the heat issue. I have basic central air but my grow tent only drops down 3 or 4 degrees and thats while the ac is on and it only runs not even half the time. Soon as its off temps climb within ten minutes back to what they were. In the winter its not an issue as I'd be running ten degrees under summer temps.. A lot easier to add heat than to remove it. So ya heat is an issue also with my current grow but I knew it would be or could be an issue. At 80 F I feel like the heat is burning the terps right out of the flowers. Week 5.

  2. sigh – i wish pot would make me like it affects u guys – 37 years of being a constant if I am awake I bake smoker – kinda just get a soft buzz from the best gear – oh to be young again

  3. Hey, guys, don't be afraid to try to put a breaker. For your a c, it's really simple. I just put up too many splits and you can do it yourself. I swear to God. If you can grow weed, you can hook up electricity. I promise you neil you're more than capable promise try it conduit pipe wire an gold or look for someone else because that's a long time to get it done there dicking u around on dates

  4. Great episode. I wish I were close enough to meet you two, at a hydro shop, that would have been really down to earth and cool. But then I heard you were coming to Vegas in November and I live in Vegas so hopefully I can meet you guys! ❤

  5. Looks like that donkey needs some mag…if shes organic top dress with some epsome salts for extended use and mix 1 gram per gallon of water for some instant available mag..

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