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  1. Congrats bro you keep paying literally 5 times the amount anything in the US goes for. And, don’t let people trick you. It’s rare people get caught shipping or exporting stuff, it doesn’t justify the price. Look up Cali Farms they’re like 80 an eighth the most expensive stuff in all of the US and it’s worth the bang.

  2. Wow the coffee looked amazing! Espresso, latte, cappuccino, macciatto, french press, lungo, ristretto, all the types you sampled looked good! Very cool how you make your own coffee from beans 🫛

  3. S8nce when can you only buy 5g?? Must be a jewish rule. I havnt been for about 5 years tjough so….. but last time i went i bough a Q of quite a few strains i absolutely love lemon haze or i did back then and i bought a couple quarters of that in different coffee shops i bought a Q from greenhouse and a Q from bulldog aswell. I need to go back now cali weeds over there man cos wjere i live near leeds when people say its cali weed it never is and i want 9bars at a time ot more if people chip with me so can u sort me a plug my guy ill happily travel

  4. 13:45 have you not tried hand rolled Charas we were getting it in the 80's, best hash ever IMO , can still get it but a 600 mile round trip for me now though the price i pay is half the usual (cos a mate gets it he is OG I known him 40 years now) so is worth it even after fuel costs.

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