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  1. Nice videos I been enjoying them , have u ever thought of getting those Fido breathable jars , mostly for fermenting sourcrout , they let moisture out but nothing in , similar jars to what you have but with a tiny rubber kinda nipple on the top of the jar with a tiny air hole in it,would save the burping process I think, sorry you don't buy the whole,jar it's just the lid section , I think they called breathable , forgot now it's been a long time since I bought mine for sourcrout

  2. I think for me this video really highlighted the problem with outdoor growing, namely that those buds wouldve greatly benefitted from a couple more weeks before harvesting but you had to rush the harvest due to weather conditions

  3. ive been growing not knowing anything. first harvest is prolly mid-October. its the 7th rn. ive been watching these videos and BOY DID I FUCK THIS ALL UP. Its gonna be a bit before i can grow again right?

  4. Thanks Bud. I am new outdoor grower. still little confused when to pull them out. They are still in the ground. i learned a lot from your channel. some of the plants leaves are turning purple. i guess purple khus.

  5. You needed two and a half more weeks for it to be dense. But if Frost is coming your skrewed. You have to use a strain that is auto flower or a strain with a right week flowering cycle. Good try well done.

  6. Hey bud I have a question how do I know when to take my buds from outside and put them in the bathroom this is my first time growing some seeds I got from a friend. Do u have a Facebook I can send u a video

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