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  1. You should try Exotic Runtz Wraps. Those are so much better than both. It's like a mixture of both backwoods high and loose leaf structure. Structure as in the way a loose leaf feels and the flexibility.

  2. There was a foreign exchange student where I live . His mom would send him things from home , she sent him dried fish and cigs. These cigs were very smooth with no chemicals in it . I never forgot that day .

  3. Understand that backwoods are ACTUAL CIGARS! Front leaf or leaf IS TOBACCO LEAF JUST LIKE THE WRAPPER ON THE BW. It’s tobacco leaf at an early stage of curing! Yes they have to cure tobacco to make cigarettes and cigars! Different fillers and wrapping leafs of different varieties. Also note, no Backwoods is a bad backwoods. Every wood in your pack can be rolled properly, regardless of stems and holes! It was already rolled before you unrolled it and dumped the guts! Just re roll with at least 2.5 grams! No less and break the bud down smaller. I actually use a grinder but don’t grind long. Left right and I’m done with the grind, roll n smoke! No cutting, wetting or washing!

  4. I fw you for a minute now. You’re positive and don’t make me feel quality for sparking one here and there lol. I’m 26 with a mortgage and 9-5. Weed helps me keep sane in this weird world lol. Cheers y’all 🫡💯

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