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  1. Picked up some blue ninety eight here in alberta idk man smokes pretty good and tastes amazing but like you said no smell and mine isnt that dark more of a deep orange hairs and a nice green nug. I recommend this strain but pick from a good store like fire and flower

  2. You use a lot of joint paper that’s why bleached papers so rough, roll more even weed to paper ratio, or more weed watch urban remo his joints have always a good rep on taste :). I don’t pefer extra paper

  3. What are some favorite strains from my fellow Canadians so far? My wife and I have tried 6 or 7 now. MK Ultra imo was great all round cannabis, Blueberry Kush has an awesome blueberry taste! Tried Donegal(Chemdawg) decent buzz but the smell is very off-putting.

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