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  1. I fuck with the love you putting out but I just read and watched videos on the risk of doing blinkers and shit they say it’s starts getting hot to the point to where when you hit it next there’s would be small traces of metal due to how hot it got from your previous hit . The cart is blinking because it’s a safety mechanism for the battery or whatever so it doesn’t blow or overwork itself . Didn’t wanna be “that guy” but i had to spread what I just learned or maybe they just theories either way imma let y’all know . Stay blessed 🖖🏿

  2. So you recommend nobody smoking a vape or weed in liquid form unless you get money for it right. You said don't try this at home. However you are finding people to do it on your vlog.

  3. I worked in a smoke shop for 5 years(4 years 10 months, whatever) and I can promise you that those employees can take whatever. We would all bring carts in and build contraptions that allowed us to hit 7 carts at once, throughout a 10 hour shift. No one ever tapped out. Every day I felt like a bitch but never tapped either

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