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  1. Highigan! Dealing with summer heat in the new house and grow room has been a challenge this year! What issues have you had with temps high or low in your grow area and how have you delt with it? Comment below!

    Pulse Grow Interactive Data Charts Before and after Minisplit Install:

    Auto Tent With EVO8: https://app.pulsegrow.com/chart-sharing/gC5bzh

    Drying Tent: https://app.pulsegrow.com/chart-sharing/ZBVbvl

    Studio: https://app.pulsegrow.com/chart-sharing/Ovh5cp

    More info on VPD and maintaining your grow environment from Pulse!


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  2. I would love to see you guys take it to the next level and grow outside straight into the earth. It's a different ball game and the trees feel more alive living in harmony with nature. Just see what happens and film it for us. One love

  3. Hey its all good sometimes you gotta go through bad to get to better, keep experimenting and eventually there won't be nothing that stands in your way, keep up the good work and I'll always leave a like and comment on all your future videos for years to come❤😇

  4. But I will never give up the dream of a sin infinity. That is my dream, my hopes and my prayers is a 4×4 infinity lol lol I couldn't keep any of my stuff but where I'm at now I can. I'm allowed and I have been trying and trying and I'll get there. I have hope

  5. I'm not saying a bunch of crap. Just trying to get free stuff. I lost my mother. I got evicted and I felt so down and lost. I winded up giving all my stuff away to somebody else and I'm not on drugs. I was clean for 3 years right before my mother passed away. So the last 3 years of her life I really made it up to her and I've been clean ever since. Well I smoke my medication. You know what I mean. I've had my life taken so it brings me peace and solace. It comes my nerves and comes me down and I'm just had one of the rubbish years of my entire life. But it's in the past and I'm about to start a new😊 what doesn't kill you only makes you stronger. Peace and love and I will always watch your guys's show. Thank you for making them

  6. Idk how your 1st thought wasnt to get an ac system,small 2 ton on a stand or some mini splits,i thought that's the 1st thing y'all would've done..glad y'all fixed it tho,i live in Florida,my mini split runs all yr rd,well maybe for 2 months it doesn't have to,keep it clean tho they can get screwed up quick,i do ac work dowm here so ik,love y'all's spot..DAMN BRO,i just seen your install,your hired lol,i do so many od those down here,looks great brother,keep em clean thats all you gotta do..👍👍👍👍 10:09

  7. Whenever I've been lost in weary you guys always bring me peace by watching your YouTube thing man. I miss my. I miss my only had vivison but but I miss my stuff man. I made somebody really happy though. That's all that matters

  8. i had this same thing happen to me except im in dwc and it was my first grow just got everything dialed in excited to follow along and grow with you guys you should try doing a dwc grow!

  9. Oh my god, you know those little like barn garages like Lowe's Lowe's has. That's what we need. We need AC infinity to make something like that that can just like park in your backyard. That's on wheels or you know what I mean. You know what I'm talking about

  10. If you can't control the temperature in the tents because it's too much of a enclosed space, you want more space so that you can control the temperature in a larger room. You know what I mean. That's where I messed up. I've done that same s***

  11. See that's what I'm talking about. That's another thing that AC infinity could get into is not really a tent but open space like maybe make panels for a room like you want a 10×10 room and they should. They should make us panels for rooms. You know what I mean. That way you don't have all that heat building up in the tents. You can just have it open floor open room. You know what I mean

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