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In the hemp world, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by the sheer volume of hemp products, and it can get discouraging to search for products that fit in with your busy lifestyle. That’s why here at CBD Origin, we make it our mission to honestly review products we come across without bias or preference. We’ve reviewed quite a few hemp products, and today we’ll be checking out a menthol-free salve from Tanasi. Almost all of the CBD salves we’ve reviewed have used menthol as a cooling agent to penetrate the skin and provide instant relief, which is why this particular salve stands out and piques our curiosity. The Tanasi brand (not to be confused with the singer Tinashe) has provided us with their 150mg salve, and we’re excited to break down the cost, hemp information, quality, and overall experience. We’ll start off by first examining the brand, thus allowing us to appreciate the actual product. Let’s begin!

Tanasi Company Information

The Tanasi brand is actually a twisted way to pronounce “Tennessee,” which is where the company was born. Tanasi offers premium CBD products that include topicals, softgels, tinctures, and more. Each of their products are scientifically backed by over $2.5m of research and development, with a team of PhD doctors who are dedicated to creating and producing a high-quality hemp that can be used and enjoyed by all who need it.

The Tanasi website (pronounced “ta-NAH-see”) is beautifully and professionally designed, and was very easy to navigate. Colorful pictures of their products are littered throughout the pages, along with well-written paragraphs to thoroughly describe the product. The site has a very user-friendly field and is yet quiet and not at all overwhelming, an attractive feature for beginner and advanced CBD user alike. For users who seek to learn more about CBD, a tab titled “Science” offers a wealth of information in bite-sized snippets. Periodical reviews, ratings, pictures, and diagrams help drive these pieces of information home and intrigues both the casual browser and the curious customer. With such devotion to educating the consumer, I was extremely curious to see how the actual product would hold up. Let’s go over the product packaging and ingredients now, inching our way confidently towards the actual product review.

Packaging & Ingredients

The 150mg salve from Tanasi comes in an aesthetically pleasing glass jar and looks like it might fit into the more expensive category of CBD products. The elegant packaging features a tri-color label that wraps nearly entirely around the entire jar. The front of the label is a bright orange color with white lettering that includes the brand name (Tanasi), CBD content (150mg), weight 150mg, and type of CBD (hemp extract full spectrum salve). The label abruptly changes to a white background with green lettering that dictates storage instructions, suggested use, and approximate amount of applications.

I really appreciated that the company took time to measure out how many times you can use this little jar (about 30 applications), how many mg of CBD are in each topical application, and how long you should wait before wiping your hands (about three minutes). Lasty, the rear section of the label was a deep forest green with white lettering that displayed the ingredients list (almond oil, beeswax, proprietary hemp extract from cannabis sativa L [industrial hemp variety] that contains cannabinoids and terpenes), and patent and manufacturing information. The amount of information crammed tastefully onto this small label was astonishing yet impressive. With such dedication to providing information to their customers, I was eager to see how the actual product was. But before we get to that, let’s see how much this fancy jar costs and how it compares to other types of products in its class.

Price vs. Value

With such exotic packaging and fancy verbiage, I was fully expecting this salve to go for at least $40-$50. Imagine my surprise when I navigated to the company website and discovered that this beautifully presented salve goes for a mere $14.99, and was on sale for $10.49! Most salves range from $30-$75, so finding a salve this inexpensive was truly a delight. There weren’t any other discounts, such as for subscription purchases or bulk orders, but the price was so affordable that you can easily stock up without breaking the bank. However, there is a section of the website that allows you to buy pre-selected CBD bundles, including starter sets of topicals, gift sets, and a combination of Tanasi’s best selling products. Now that we’ve gone over the packaging and pricing, it’s time to check out the highly anticipated review of the Tanasi 150mg CBD Salve!

Product Review: CBD Infused Salve

I’m always delighted to incorporate CBD creams and salves into my daily skincare routine, especially at the end of a long day when my muscles are tired and sore. I was very curious to see how this salve from Tanasi would feel, given the elegant packaging and the creamy-looking texture. I easily unscrewed the black plastic cap and noted that the salve looked a lot like petroleum jelly. I gently nudged the cream with my finger and was surprised that the texture was very firm, much like beeswax. I used my knuckle to firmly press the salve to get a better idea of the texture, and noted that the salve easily folded away and left an oil residue on my finger. I held the salve to my nose and detected a very faint scent of hemp. The hemp scent wasn’t bitter or acrid like other popular CBD salves, but had a light plant-like scent that was instantly calming. The salve melted quickly on my finger (no doubt due to my body heat), reminding me once again of beeswax. I scraped out a generous bit of the salve with my fingernail and used my palm to slather it on the back of my neck and between my shoulder blades. The texture spread easily and I was relieved that there was no overpowering scent of hemp.

Unlike many salves and creams, there was no mentholated tingling or deep-tissue relief. The salve didn’t really dry, but rather left a rich and luxurious residue behind that made my skin feel silky smooth, much like petroleum jelly. I kept feeling the back of my neck every few minutes to see if the oily residue had finally absorbed into my skin, but it remained the same even after several minutes. I’m not sure if it was the power of suggestion, but I felt like the salve actually helped to ease the stiffness in my neck after just a few minutes. This was definitely a more unique salve as it contained no menthol, did not give off any type of warming sensation, and it had a very oily residue. I was delighted to discover that this simple salve was every bit as pleasant as I had hoped. I recommend using this before bed as a way to relax and not worry about your hair or clothing getting messed up. If you have a sensitivity to or dislike for menthol products, I have no doubt you’ll enjoy this salve as much as I did.

Hemp Quality

Finding pure quality hemp can be a challenge in a world that doesn’t fully understand the importance of such a thing. Yet the Tanasi brand is backed by a full team of PhD professionals who have dedicated years of their life into the research and development of this premium product. The Tanasi brand is so dedicated to their craft that they dedicate a portion of their sales (not profits!) to the continued University research of hemp throughout the country. The hemp used in Tanasi products is clinically tested via third-party lab testing (which we’ll touch on briefly in the next section), has a pending patent, and is backed by over $2.5M worth of research and development. The simple salve is crafted from three premium ingredients, and features a proprietary blend that is deeply appreciated by all who use it. Lastly, this full spectrum salve uses not only the healing properties of CBD, but infuses the raw form of CBD as well (CBDa) to deliver even more benefits to their customers. The hemp contains less than 0.3% as is allowed by the 2018 Farm Bill, making it legal for resale across the country wherever hemp is legally bought and sold.

Lab Testing

Tanasi empowers their users by providing third-party independent lab test results for all of their products. You can view these lab results by navigating to the product in question and scrolling midway through the page. A clickable tab called “Certificate of Analysis” redirects you to a PDF file that thoroughly lists the test results. These lab tests can be extremely expensive, but are necessary to provide peace of mind to current and potential customers. Since the CBD and hemp industry has very little FDA regulation, many customers are wary of what is actually inside their CBD products. These tests confirm that the product contains what it says it does, sans any bias or compensation from affiliated labs, thus the importance of “independent” and “third-party” labs. Some companies have started using QR codes only available on the product packaging, meaning you’ll have to buy the product before you can find out what’s in it. While I understand wanting to reward customers with this type of presentation, I was pleased to see that Tanasi makes this information available to anyone who happens to come across their site.


I was pleasantly surprised with how much I liked this salve from Tanasi. The product packaging, the unique decision to not use menthol, and the amount of information given was truly impressive. The price was very affordable, the site was easy to navigate, and I can honestly say that this is probably one of the finest products I’ve reviewed that falls under the $20 mark. I highly recommend this salve to first-time users as well as experienced CBD users, as the premium quality and ease of use are what makes this salve more than just an ordinary hemp product. I look forward to trying other things in the Tanasi line, such as the tinctures and softgels.

What other products have you tried from the Tanasi line? Do you have a preferred CBD product that soothes your aching muscles or calms your mind to help you focus? Share your experiences in the comments below. CBD products are a great way to soothe your anxious mind, help with sleeping disorders, provide relief to sore muscles and joints, and so much more. CBD products can also be seamless integrated into your daily activities, whether it be a supplement that you take with your morning vitamins, a tincture that you consume with your favorite food or beverage, or a topical you apply at the end of your day before sleep. Whatever way you use CBD, make sure you have Tanasi’s 150mg CBD salve in your arsenal! Check back with us in the next few days, where we’ll be reviewing a never-before-seen Delta-8 THC product: dissolving strips from Vybba! Until then, we hope this review has helped you make confident and informed choices on your hemp products, and we look forward to seeing you again soon!


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