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  1. My mom told me she never did weed and her friends did. And my sister introduced me to weed and ever since I smoked it the first time I wanted to experiment more with it and try new things. And I know damn well that my dad and mom are gonna send me to military school if they ever heard me saying I want to try weed. They both are heavily religious too so I'm kinda scared to tell them until I move out and get myself settled to tell them. Been suffering with stress a lot and that weed my sister gave me was a life saver but it won't solve all my problems but it helps

  2. Also my mom is how urs is I’m currently kicked out rn actually cops called and everything going on 3 months now but I just watched ur vid a week or two ago about running away and I felt it bc my mom called my dad and the cops the cops to pack my stuff my dad to get me and when I knew the cops where on the way I instantly jumped into action of getting everything together so I could dip and not have the cops take my packs now I’m lovin in marshfield and I don’t talk with my mom because she doesn’t wanna try makin things right after callin the cops they took almost 2 grand worth of bongs rigs pipes grow stuff she stole my dog and moved out now that I don’t know where I know where she’s living she doesn’t care to try to talk to me I’m turning 17 I have my medical card and everything so I didn’t get into trouble rly I got a slap on the wrist by the cops bc of the bongs and rugs being left out but past that bc of my medical card I was good thankfully all in all I got thrown out and disowned but it only made me loose my job and about 2 grands worth of grow stuff rigs bongs and pipes

  3. I felt the sleep thing so hard I found bud when I was 12/13 and it’s always helped me sleep then my homies started smoking and we would all sneak off to the skate park

  4. I’m 18 and I’m about to get my ass wooped. I’m taking notes on your video about to make a whole PowerPoint presentation to explain to them that I’m okay and definitely not a drug addict.

  5. Yo its really crazy. I found out a couple days ago i could actually have cancer and im 18 with a medical card and my parents still try and kick me out for smoking or even being stoned in general smh

  6. weed is terrible honestly.I was always on my school work always have my room clean and always talking to everyone and my parents.I started smoking weed and everything changed everything was the opposite my room was always dirty my grades dropped so bad and I was always sleeping never taking to anyone or my parents.I was too lazy to go hangout with friends or have.It was hard quitting but thankfully I did.Never doing it again weed is TERRIBLE!

  7. Okay so. My mom and dad cant not say nothing about weed no more after this. I have knee prblm. Since 12 im currently as this comment im 23. Went to doctor, they recommend. Got these pills "help" me for pain. Truns out i got a major side effect. I have stomach problems really bad acid relfex. But here thing. When i smoke weed my pain goes away. Pills are the real drugs not weed. Now i smoke weed for my pain. F them pills.

  8. Bruh I used to smoke all the time but now my mom randomly drug tests me and if I fail that shit she beats tf outta me. She keeps saying that weed makes you slow in the head and shit and I honestly don't care at all.

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