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  1. all this and you’ll only be able to get the weed in cali. illinois will forever have bullshit. goblin is our only voice to fix that and he could capitalize on that so hard, get good weed into illinois and skim off the top. he’d make so much money

  2. Great video, just like we used to. I would just think about using a wider lense for these old school style vlog videos, because often times it feels to close and to clustered. Might be just me but I feel like it would make these vlogs look better. Greetings from Germany!

  3. If you just make thca flower like all the online companies are doing, you can sell that online to anybody in America basically. Not just dispensaries. Shoot I order 3.5 grams of pure thca crystals for $80 delivered to my door

  4. No way you got legal strains! Thats fucken crazy you should try and figure out a way to get some legal shit down in aus!! Werenonly medical at the moment but im sure you can figure it out would love to finally get fucked up of edibles for once hahaha

  5. I love how self-aware Thomas is about how awesome he has it now and he’s so grateful for the people/fans that got him to where he and his company is today. We all love you!!

  6. Holy crap dude, congrats on being this close to having your own official product man! I missed the first run of your stuff, but as soon as we find out when you're releasing, I'm dropping everything and making the trip to make it to that! It's so insane to see what you're doing now man! It's so inspiring dude!

  7. New Jersey needs some fire weed for a change, but I doubt push trees will be coming but a homie can always hope

    Question: if I have a product idea for you guys to sell at the re-up where is the best spot to get in touch?

  8. Sorry I miss this episode…. ur a true og dope as yola wished u could come to Atlanta and do a meet and greet I've been whatchin you for a while now I like the video how to roll a blunt … you've come a long way my freind

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