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  1. THC content is more of a sales gimmick than anything. I mean honestly, professional lab equipment, has an error margin of 10-15%. Thats a lot when the biological limit is 35%.
    Same people that buy into the indica vs sativa. Outside of physical characteristics, there is no difference. This has been scientifically proven.
    But let me guess you guys have eaten raw bud and gotten super baked aswell huh….

  2. This "THC>everything else" debate needs to be put to rest finally. I can grow a Flavorpack #7 cross that tests out at 22% THC but has a terp percentage of 4.2% – 6.1% that will beat most 29+% THC strains that have terps that average out to 1.5% – 2.5% at most… Especially when you're purchasing from Custy dispo's that barely give a damn about their product other than to commercialize it and make money off of it. High % percentage of terpenes with a balanced ratio of 15% to 29+% THC should be the key when pheno-hunting and terp hunting.

  3. When I was a kid we used to get some strains that are better than anything out there right now if you can find some old school White Rhino you'll know it's real when the buds are white that's got to be the highest thing you'll ever test you flick it and it'll stick to the wall forever I think that's like a Upper Midwest Canada all the good growers in northern Minnesota move to Cali when they legalized but we used to have some dank but they legalize it now in Minnesota it will come back let them old cats start growing

  4. Is because the labs that we use the Full HPLC Testing method which is done in a professional lab

    The Full HPLC measures that the body can only take in. 70-77% of the THC on the plant

    While a purple pro which is less reliable and accurate measures full thc on the plant

    18% on Full HPLC will measure 25% in the US

  5. Drew come to usa and go to adult use states and mmj only states where you can either get a temp card or theyll recognize your uk prescription(s). South dakota, oklahoma, arkansas, missisippi, louisiana, new hampshire, utah, and hawaii at the very least and more! Theres stuff near 40s everywhere now

  6. You should come to canada i see people travel all the way here for weed all the time at my local dispensarys and its average 23% like 29% is not rare at all you can get a 30% thc 4-5% terp 4A for like 26-35$ CAD but if youre paying 18-25$ you can still get 21+ % thc average like the only time you get 14-18% theyre gonna be super high in terpenes at least but youre not paying more than 18$ an eight

  7. Your videos are always top quality! Keep saying following since you had that crazy room ! Always believed one day your word would be listen by millions you'll get there drew! Please be in amesterdam on 2th of November to celebrate my birthday bro.

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