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  1. the thing i love best about yola is what he made the website into. you go onto any other thca site or dispensary site it looks like it was made in 2010 so boring makes ordering a chore. yolas site is user friendly and looks like somebody actually cared about it

  2. Hey what’s up man hope all is well I grew up watching you rn my grandpa is in icu my sister said his organs are not functioning and that he has no brain waves or something and it’s only his heart that’s working but than you this video helped me a lot thx for the laughs bro

  3. You got a shit ton of haters on Reddit but yk what you are prolly the most transparent person. I bought an 8th of your “smalls” the 150 oz one and yea it’s smooth as shit and not perfect white but clean ash honestly it’s fucking great. Good job man

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