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  1. Can you do a video on drying curing, that’s what’s most important , I’d rather have perfectly cured blue dream rather than a runtz that was dried improperly that smells like hay

  2. Grew some 707 kush cleaner x dosi F1 s they were fire 🔥 a little variation but close. I made F2s out open pollination. I only pop 4 packs of 12 but there were def keeper in there so fingers crossed 🤞 I find my 🦄 next few runs

  3. Grew a bunch of your DOSI hybrid fems and one the moonbow crosses a couple years back. I took a couple year break and it was my first run back all under old single ended hps. They were all really good, I washed the while two lighter in fresh frozen and still have a fat jar in the freezer that I’ve been whittling down .

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