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  1. Does he know how to cook real teriyaki wings? There has been something bad going on in the past decade that Chinese Takeout and buffet places have stopped making it real teriyaki wings instead making teriyaki sauce on bar wings. The real teriyaki wings with the deep glaze that sinks into the skin are so savory sticky sweet and good why does nobody know how to make these anymore? You cannot find them anywhere

  2. Henry and his sister are doing the interview at 7 Treasures aka "Ghetto Treasures''" on Wentworth in Chinatown! Best place for cheap chinese BBQ and good eats. The 554 (bbq pork with fried egg over rice) and the wonton noodle soup are two things they're known for

  3. Dude, you've got brick & mortar. Just keep doing what you're doing (and maybe scale up and have an easier ordering and order fulfillment/delivery pipeline.)

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