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  1. ' Just having fun ' I doubt having to have sex numerous times per day with different males is fun 🙄

    They are putting their lives at risk , I hope they get out of this awful lifestyle , as this must kill your soul .

  2. Idk what these people expect doing this sex work and expecting rights even though as shown through the laws the government doesn’t like it and also the people who are their clients are not asking for normal things and are probably shady people in the first place this job should be a do it at your own risk kinda thing

  3. Eh, l think a lot of yall fail to understand the precedence that is set when you legalize sex of this nature. Legalizing sex work isn’t going to fix any of the heinous acts. If anything it injects government sanction commodification of sex and the people that have it. Dont let European ideology fool you.

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