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  1. ceramic water pipe w/ metal bowl. funny how the backwards u.s. states love selling whiskey & even bake liquor soaked cakes but remain TOTALLY ignorant of simple ice-made, hangover-free hash. theyr still throwing sophisticated weed consumers behind bars for life in alabama, just for growing some herb & separating the resin from the leaf

  2. It’s truly amazing the evolution of extracts. Honey oil, crumble, shatter, sauce, diamonds, badder, water hash, flower rosin, Hash rosin. Sheesh I don’t even dab BHO anymore.. Rosin is basically the same price here in Portland Or and for me the high is more full if that makes sense BHO just feels like a head high not so much body

  3. I remember watching tokedaddy slim with the 3 hole hash dish and glass wand late 00's. I went to my local glass store looking for one immediately and got it. Ended up buying a hasmasta kut Ti swing same day. Shoutout Red Eye Glass gallery in Corona California. Those dudes used to be on the cutting edge of hash tech. I think its some of the same people that run aqualab technologies to this very day.

  4. these guys have no clue about hash evolution lol. hash didnt start in last few decades guys. out of all the domestic made hashes i have smoked if i could pick 5 memorable ones would be surprised. its boring. give me some temple ball, red leb or top grade afghani any day over the newwave hash

  5. I smoked a ton of bammer hash that I thought was good….then I started growing and got some bubble bags and really discovered what good hash was. You just can't get that shit at the club…or you gotta pay 100+ a gram. The private head stash from myself or the homies was always the best of the best.

  6. I started with "hash" by making kief and pressing it into bricks by wrapping it in tin foil and pressing it between two preheated cooking pans lol. Now I make (nearly) full melt bubble hash and I'm working on getting a rosin press.

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