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  1. I’m always helping and teaching others, I’ve been growing since 2005 so I have a lot of knowledge under my belt which I love giving to others. Everyone should grow and be able to grow. It’s a god given right. I don’t see why we let a few hundred people tell us 300+ million people how to live and what to do..we are not free, the goal in life is to become free.

  2. I'm keeping it simple, a timer for the lights and a variable speed exhaust fan is all the automation I need. An onboard dimmer only needs to be adjusted a few times throughout the grow. Remote temp/hygrometers in each tent with a base station wherever you find it most convenient. Monitoring your plants is important but you don't need an app for that. If your growing inside, the enviroment is constant season to season other than humidity. You control that with the variable speed exhaust. You cannot plug and play a plant. It's hands on.

  3. @ 21:20 cultivation side v.s. consumption side ? kinda like a Freudian slip there Chris. Yes if you want to learn about growing cannabis time spent with Mr Grow It's video content on U-tube is not time wasted. Unless Mr Bugbee or the guy explaining the science of LED technology is a guest. That may require some sober review to get the jest of what the topic is. But I'm a little thick…like a brick.

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