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  1. I remember those years I spent living in Lake Merritt and seeing Shane, Dan and Toph blazing around the lake on this channel and hoping to one day run into them. Still hope that day comes – you guys are a big part of our shared history. Thanks for the good times.

  2. Am I tripping or does Shane have greys 🙁 we are getting old boys. I started watching at 16 I’m turning 29 this December!!! Love y’all please archive the old videos I always go back to them when I’m feeling down. It makes me feel as if I’m back in those good times

  3. “Whassup guys, I’m Toke Daddy Slim…”
    “I’m Funkmaster Kush…”
    “And welcome to episode __ of the CCC…”

    Been watching since the early days, all the way across the water in Ireland. 🇮🇪
    Sad to see things change but we all get older and life just changes direction. Best of luck with everything boys. Stay high! 💚

  4. Really proud of this Chanel. Straight up thought the boys broke up the band. The heart of this Chanel is something special and I hope you guys persevere it. Thought weed would be legal in my state by now but we still got work to do. keep grinding boyz!

  5. The sit down with all three of you testing and discussing the new and old strains was my favorite. I think it's lacking on the media's. I find myself going back and watching them. That's what it's all about. Fun and intuitive to re-watch. Glad to see it's going to come back.

  6. A part of me died with this channel. I wish you both the best and I am thankful for all the content you put out over the years. Especially the smoke sessions on the back deck in the Cali woods.

  7. YouTube makes it very difficult. I'd highly suggest starting a twitch channel where you can stream live, not have to deal with editing or getting your video flagged. Twitch is very weed friendly and very easy to interact with viewers/followers

  8. damn shane looking like he's working on a black primer willys. RIP to an incredible resource, and inspiration to me as a creative. if you were a fan of terpy tuesday it has continued over at my new channel "terpy", search for episode 65 and it should pop up! flower reviews soon!

  9. The reason I always enjoyed this channel more than other weedtubers is because the CCC crew always seemed more mature and genuine. They weren’t trying to pretend to be someone they’re not. They were chill dudes who just enjoyed weed.

    These are sad times as will likely never see another wake and bake Wednesday again with Shane and Dan or another episode with Bob. This decision obviously as very difficult to make but we all understand as much of us have grown older and are also doing our own things in life. Getting old sucks! Just want to bring it back to the old days where I would pick up some weed and watch CCC videos and feel as if I was actually there hanging with them.

  10. CCC420 4 Life
    Shane and Dan OG Members rest is History!Never will be the same..I spent years chilling with you guys..From day to day smoking getting infos..Studying the market..Since the Format changed it wasnt the same..Thanks for the long years of work for the shared knowledge already back in the days.Stay Happy ,stay healthy and stay high!

  11. Never thought I would see the day that TDS uses a grinder! Shit really has changed 🙂 Anyways, good to hear from you Shane. I am a long time viewer, like over 10 years. I even called into the show a few times. I remember watching along with y'all and dabbing garbage Illinois BHO blasted from god knows what off of a scorching hot Ti nail. Nowadays I've been an Illinois medical user for many years. Weed wasn't even legal when I started watching this channel and I am pretty sure you could still get beasters in my hometown. Our product is not all that great out here in general and the system is fucked but if you know genetics you can do some research on the strains history and usually grab an okay gram or two of concentrate. I have y'all to thank for that knowledge and I am pretty sure it literally saves me some money. I try to stick to stuff that at least has some of that OG and/or Chem funk, I was never as crazy about Sour D as you two. Glad to see you found somebody that you are comfortable handing the channel over too. I've always enjoyed the work that ThaDocta does and will give the new channel a chance. I gotta admit, I don't dab or smoke nearly as much as I used too but I still tend to do it daily and sometimes I will just get nostalgic as hell and throw on a super old CCC video for old times sake. For whatever reason, it just tends to bring me back to more simple times when I do.

    Thank you so much for all your hard work and for sharing your experience with us Shane. I super appreciate you. I hope this doesn't sound too corny but I legit feel like you are a friend. I'm really grateful for you coming on and providing the fans with a chance for some closure. Best of luck on your future endeavors and make sure you don't work too too hard. I do hope you have the time to stop by and let us know whats up from time to time but if you are too busy then I totally get it. Anyways, I guess this is about all I can think of saying for now so adios and thanks for the memories!

  12. I brought the discovery of concentrates that I learned from Shane / Danny to my small town in like 2012.. No one knew wtf I was talking about but I told everyone this new way to smoke is gonna change the game. Took Like another 6 months to finally get some concentrates in my small Oregonian town but we did and I showed my homies what dabbing was, completely changed the game.. Appreciate you guys always man

  13. is terpyTuesday going to be a thing still or you guys going to throw that away too I love that guy and what he had to say about all the hash and BHO guys got to keep that segment on here a weekly update please

  14. I’ve been here since the old days but I’m also here for the new path !!

    Fletch is an amazing breeder and LMC puts out good content.
    I’m stoked !!
    Big ups from the east coast

  15. Shane, did Danny not want to sell and you just decided it was the right time to sell? Why do people in the comments keep saying you screwed Danny? I'm hoping you and Danny are still on good terms and this is just bs in the comments, don't let money or business ruin that friendship.

  16. man I remember the OG days of ccc420, the magweedo dab's, the chubbs colabs. Toph visiting and just being a cool dude. The journey with Bob and the music. Going to miss the CCC420 and I will always wish Danny and Shane the best, the provided such amazing content for us to enjoy. I wish you and your company the best.

  17. If this channel was to go to anyone fletch is the guy, I can't wait to see an example of what he wants to provide, please start with faceoff og that's in a lot of archive seeds. I'm going to miss Danny flavours I hope it's not the last we see of him and shane

  18. My stoner journey began September 2010. It finally ended in September 2022. That basically coincides with the life of this channel. Love you guys, and cheers to new adventures!

  19. I'm just glad the old content is gonna stay around regardless, there is a lot of good information on this channel that really helped me understand cannabis on a better level and I'm sure that it could help many more people in the future

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