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  1. 5:48 👍 …and put inside them who made genetic genocide over plant for almost century …and have not let man to live naturaly by first Gods comandment HERBS FOR THE USE OF MAN …them is antichrist who make law to exterminate herb, and ones that bow down to system to live by thiefs and murderers program under number

  2. Straight up what a legend👍🌲. On behalf of all of the Growmies around the globe let me say that we truly appreciate and love what Ed has done for the cannabis world. True pioneer and an amazing human being🙏

  3. Ed Rosenthal is truly a legend when it comes to cannabis.. I grew up in the 70s in St Louis smoking what we called bow or Columbian red bud and this really bright yellow weed, that I suspected was Columbian gold or Acapulco Gold since then I've grown out both of these strains neither one of them come close to that yellow cannabis of the 70s my question is do you have maybe any insight on what that cultivar could have been

  4. I've grown all my life and watch my father and grandfather grow I learned from the best I'm just thankful that it is coming out more and the legalization has began,,love your videos and much love and respect and thanks to Ed

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