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  1. but libs of tiktok just repost public content as said in one part of this video and there is no mixing adding or any kind of edit in her content as far as I know and slogans the presentro is using ironicly like "coming for kids" was from those contents as Im sure many can remember the music video that a group of adults were singing we are coming for your kids or children etc.. Im not trying to bash any one or this content but I can''t see the logic here. the owner of page can hold any Idea radical or otherwise her content was and is not edited or private. if someone gather a particular content relevent to a certain politic Idealogy or even religous and by showing them one after another without any change is hateful or ashaming or people use it as better version of family guy I will reconsider my belifes that are at the root of the reflected hate , shame , comedy etc.. I don't know Im not from any western countrry. probably I don't know what Im talking about here

  2. Some of those clips they used to make it seem like the right was attacking those events were by people of that side. The Colorado dude has been saying he's nonbinary. The clip where the guy throws a Molotov through the window was CLEARLY gay, watch the entire clip, and you notice it. But the only way out of this is SECESSION!!!! If these people think that's cool to do let them do it away from the rest of us

  3. When I see these people who peddle hate it always occurs to me "the lady doth protest to much". I feel it wrong to use the words like "fear" when it comes to these ignorant morons, as they are not in fear of anything. They are warped minded, attention seeking hate filled child like minded people who are often suppressing their own identity out of religious fear and are way to obsessed in other peoples lives and sex lives.

  4. Yeah if you don't want LGBTQ people to suffer this much then better not promote it, teach it, do operation on under age kids who can t make decisions on their own. Manipulating kids in school to change their sexuality is kind of grooming.

  5. There is no conspiracy at all! Children should be kept away from any and all LGBTQ community trying to push there opinion because that is exactly what kids don't need, let kids be kids for god sake!!!!

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