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  1. I live in Canada born 76 been smoking since 89 personally I have never seen or smoked Roadkill Skunk i have on the other hand gotten my hands on Skunk#1 a hand full of times but like you said Fletch since the 80s they either threw away those plants or bred the heavy Skunk out of it Skunk Strains in Canada were always and have always up until 2018 very hard to get your hands on and even then i don't see alot of Skunk strains being sold either so Skunk imo was a remote grown thing in a very small community/network you had to know some one who grew it or you were shit out of luck lmfao!!

  2. We had some bud that smelled like a skunk actually sprayed something around my home town from 2004-2006 that was a heavy indica people called shoreline and I’m pretty sure it was not shoreline.

  3. Is it possible to do a "want advertisement" to the public, for them to search their houses for old stashed away cannabis seeds? Vets who went on tours from all time periods? The elderly may have some hidden treasures. I dont know, but it doesnt seem like it could hurt

  4. theres this guy that hunted through a lot of skunk lines recently and was trying to find something that smelled and reminded him of actual skunky gross acrid crazy smell that people reminisce about a lot. most of them were all not even close and follow what youre discussing in the beginning of the video. luckily in the thread of conversation he mentioned he hunted through some seeds from this florida company that had 80s heirloom skunk seeds that actually resembled something gnarly like actual skunk.

  5. growing up in south central Florida back in the late 80s we would get skunk bud twice a year and it literally smelt like you got sprayed in the face by a skunk to the point it burnt your eyes and nose hairs when you smelt the sandwich bag dam we always looked forward to it then it just slowly disappeared

  6. I would be willing to bet RKS is a super skunk pheno. Super Skunk is by far the rankest stinkiest straight skunk I ever came across. Also fits in the time line. Dig into 100 super skunk females, that’s where she is. RKS is Super Skunk elite pheno.

  7. it was definitely more than nostalgia. my nose was actually better back in the early 2ks and i had everything from trainwreck to super silver haze to og to multiple different cuts of sour diesel, but pure skunk smelled like a skunk. the way i put it is that skunks have two different smells, one to scare away predators and one to mark their territory for mating, and the mating one is slightly sweeter, and that's what skunk weed smelled like. i grew it one time, but at the time it wasn't rare, so i didn't keep it very long. i don't think there was just one skunk plant though, but it was more of a phenotypical expression that got bred out when all the flashy kind bud strains got popular, and people were getting busted from the skunk smell.

  8. But, just like the original Chem family stuff. Daywrecker diesel was the best of all of them. But because it got way small yields nobody kept it around. I always thought it was sad it never got its day. Although, it could have been in those packs that got caught up in Vegas that year.

  9. Trinity from Kansas City. I was always told it was skunk #1 That was a mutant. It was smallish plants not the typical single cola skunk afghanica formation. That weed was Roadkill skunk, it couldn't be contained by glass. Everyone I know that had it was busted growing it. It was stinkout the block. We got kicked out of three rented properties because of the smell. The two outstanding traits it had was it unusual calyxes and really dark brown skinny hairs. Then it was completely covered in resin from the start. Which let you know it was real. The earliest heads would be straight black and red! The buds were stacked strangely too. They stayed wet forever too because they were so resinous! I know this one was a clone only. I can atest that a pound of real Trinity smells way worse than a ten pack of sour diesel.

  10. Thank you i have posted on every freaking youtubers channel – grow , pheno hunt, and plz talk about roadkill skunk! My fav cultivar, but indian skunk is VERY similar but not the true RKS. And eevn then i cant get seedsman to make more Indian skunk seeds.! Fml

  11. that hash burger i got from you guys is pretty damn close. i was accused of being a skunk trapper this year dropping off my deer at a meat cooler. the guy didnt burn, and he asked me if i was trapping skunks, i laughed and said no, that damn hash burger is lit

  12. I used to get oz's from VA back in 85-86 and the road kill smell had more then just skunk smell , you would get burnt rubber , onion, and arm pit funk with the skunk and depending on what batch you got each terp showed up stronger with the skunk

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