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  1. Thanks for explaining the whole youtube regulation thing with showing flower or product!!.
    Thats so lame of them, i shouldve already known.

    Ps..ill make sure to watch allll your videos long n shorts to the end,,,and i like,,,and i comment!;)))]]] love your conrent and i love pot! Peace ✌

  2. Content creators cant grow with this bs, i didnt know what tf the thumbnail was talking about cus theres no currency symbol he cant even put anything 420 related in the name of the video to let us know what kind of content it is, you just have to know him and what content he makes.

  3. i love how the first thing in the video is a message to yt an not the follewers. no stab at you, its just yt being perthitic. i consider the way they stop weed influencers as a form of hate speech. its 2023 you doughnut's

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