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  1. My very healthy, vaccinated, 15 month old aussiedoodle had this illness recently. He was very sick for over a month with horrible coughing and congestion (and I am not exaggerating). They tested his blood three times with X-rays and could not figure out what was causing his illness. Three rounds of antibiotics and a couple of thousand dollars later he is finally better. He still has occasional coughing, but he seems no worse for wear at this point.

  2. Look at the possibility of EMF radiation… Like, is this disease coming out in areas that recently rolled out 5g? Because EMFs act on the blood, which then affects the lungs – look it up!

  3. Has anyone's dog coughed up white foam. I have a mini aussie who does that periodically. He has an extra piece of skin in his throat that makes him cough. It's like a tickle in his throat. He coughs up white foam sometimes. I can't get any answers on the white foam from any veterinarians.

  4. Of course it's a mystery disease. You're right doctor. They're just saying this to discredit everyone saying it's a bioweapon. Yeah I saw a video yesterday or day before a veterinarian saying it's not a mystery at all. Lies oh they were saying it's a hybred of kennel cough

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