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  1. I am glad to pay my taxes as a U.S. citizen because I am thankful not only for the efforts I don’t see happening in Mexico but for the DAILY, down to the minutes, work that they are doing on the U.S. side to keep the cartels in Mexico. Can you imagine if all of a sudden one day, one, two, three cartels moved their headquarters from Mexico to one of the U.S. states because all of a sudden we dissolved our borders because we elected a politician who had a secret agenda W the cartels and the Mexican government. Obviously this wouldn’t happen but that’s why it’s a hypothetical scenario that I’m just planting within your mind to picture.. 😬
    I know for a fact the armed citizens would never allow a cartel to just move in and take over without fighting back and turning said area into a literal war zone against the cartel. The citizens of the U.S. are literally planning for a war(against whoever) everyday that probably will never happen but I can guarantee that we are ready. I mean just go on YT and you can see the crazy guns the citizens have here lol…

  2. As Mexican I always find it cringe how my people idolize these people. Movies, Novellas, Songs, Clothing, memorabilia etc. Nothing will ever change in Mexico bc the people don’t want it to change.

  3. I like how that Narcomanta used an Uncle Sam image 😂😂 what were the images called that you’d use on PowerPoint or Microsoft Word in elementary school? Clip art I think it was called? 😂 it’s all they had but hey man A+ for effort and actually booting up Microsoft Office to make flyers for your gang 😂

  4. If you know the real facts you know mexico and other lower countries are condemn because the bigger consumers comes from the usa. The usa dont care. Even the cartels learn from retired army soldiers.

  5. We’re all on this earth temporarily. Once it’s up will we need to answer for actions on this place. Better to not taint the soul . God is coming very soon in this lifetime

  6. We need to start a militia and take out the cartel so we can go party in Mexico again. Whiskey and babes. Not Chinese Fentanyl and bad meth. China owns Mexico and l.a.

  7. If Los Zetas and CJNG were able to recruit directly out of Mexican Army SF (GAFE) and get trainers from USSF including CAG, DEVGRU, Raiders, who’s to say they’re not getting ~help~ consultants from Madison Avenue. Right?

  8. If only humans didn't kill for resources & profit then maybe the world would have been a better place. Crazy how even humans can be reduced to property, I'm glad those days aren't around anymore eh consumers?

  9. Mexico needs an El Salvador / Philippines moment. The right leader, backed by the right tough men in order to enforce a brutal but temporary regime to crackdown on the rampant cartels. There is no other way Mexico comes out of this without blood on its hands. I know there is a big debate about human rights, but in my eyes, there's a point in which a country needs to think first and foremost about the majority of its people and not the collateral. I know its callous, but the reality is that this doesn't get turned around any other way.

  10. That's not El RR. That's la tripa from Moroleon gtov a lieutenant of cjng. Who only did a 2 yr stint in jail and is out again. Corruption runs very deep

  11. Thanks for the coverage Vice. Imo the only long term solution is to end the prohibition on drugs entirely. It's also the only solution that honors the freedom of citizens to alter their own consciousness however they see fit, that is needed if we are ever to be truly free.

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