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  1. Glass is placebo everything is basically the exact same bowl and tube sure some have fancy work and designs to it but it's the same it's like the watch industry the limits are reached 🤘😔

  2. After I pay my tickets off July 25th. My first check I’m buying the 16in story time orange beaker and a grinder and the black hoodie with the guy pushing the P if they’re all in stock. Dude you’re shit so reasonably priced it’s crazy.

  3. hey man love the vids but cant help but notice the ever increasing amount of advertising yourself and the ever decreasing time of you actually just smoking and chilling. still love the vids, just annoyuing to hear you talk about your logo on these bongs for like 6 minutes was just a lot.

  4. beautiful glass my dude! a buddy of mine introduced me to your content almost a year ago (because my job finally allows me to eat candy) been watching ever since! I absolutely love how hyped you get in your videos cuz that shit is contagious AF! Keep it up!

  5. Not me getting in all my new shit for my bong my ash Cather and my new bowls just for Thomas to finally come out with the new bongs right as I bought a 16” beaker too and yk I’m about to buy a story time orange 16”now thanks Thomas frl now I gotta get another one😂

  6. YEA YOLA its blinker time for me at the end of the video blinker of the stiiizy purple punch and a blinker of the supherb melted diamonds peach runtz it @chochosenchango have a dope ass day!

  7. Can't believe it's been like 2 years since the first bong drop!!! Man dude, so insane to see the quality of these now! Can't wait to get my hands on one, congrats on another dope successful drop bro!!! Can't wait to try them!!! So stoked for what's to come!!!

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