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  1. This is demons telling these people words of knowledge and these people are demon infested and are gladly and willingly giving others demons
    And I am someone who has had my demons extracted out of me as a Christian and who is a warrior for Jesus Christ our Lord and savior and who extracts demons out of others this is 100% just one of the ways a demon will come into you steal kill and destroy and wreck havoc on your life and make you sick

  2. i dated a psychic alcoholic she is also a pretty famous artist. but she would sit in a pub and tell random strangers messages like if you look down the back of your couch you will find u grannys necklace. but her best one ever she told my m8 his dead mrs left money in the house and too look for it he found 18k. i personaly think we all have a little of it but we get it beaten out of us as children dare to be different and find out.

  3. Now after being clinically dead for over 12 minutes I can assure you that spirits do not remain in the earthly realm. You are taken to the most peaceful joyful, happy and most beautiful place you would ever want to be! If you experienced what I have you would want to die to go to the light! As for psychics and mediums it's just taking stabs in the dark. They have gotten good at working a room.

  4. I don't expect everybody to know this but how on earth could a "psychic" not know what backscatters are ? … Either she's a con artist or she's a total moron. Probably both.
    Wikipedia definition : In photography, backscatter (also called near-camera reflection) is an optical phenomenon resulting in typically circular artifacts on an image, due to the camera's flash being reflected from unfocused motes of dust, water droplets, or other particles in the air or water. It is especially common with modern compact and ultra-compact digital cameras.
    A hypothetical underwater instance with two conditions in which circular photographic artifacts are likely (A) and unlikely (B), depending on whether the aspect of particles facing the lens are directly reflect the flash, as shown. Elements are not shown to scale.
    The backscatter of the camera's flash by motes of dust causes unfocused orb-shaped photographic artifacts.
    Caused by the backscatter of light by unfocused particles, these artifacts are also sometimes called orbs, referring to a common paranormal claim. Some appear with trails, suggesting motion.

  5. Went there on the one year anniversary of my mom's death. There were a lot of sketchy/racist glares. In one of the shops the cashier allowed people to get in front of me by calling them over even when they were behind me. Overall, unfriendly and unwelcoming people. But the fairy park was nice. I left some trinkets for my mom, because it was her dying wish to travel there, and she never got to. I'm kind of glad she didn't because of how poorly my sister and I were treated.

  6. Sounds like people continuously looking for evidence of an afterlife to feel comfortable with their existence. Just like any other religion…. I honestly don't see any value in someone seeing images of dead grandfathers carrying sunflowers, tables vibrating, or orbs that show up on cameras. That are most likely out of focus insects.

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