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  1. I havent seen sprayed weed since around 2006 in the UK people used to spray it with fibre glass which would make ash hard and it used to crackle n pop when smoked. Suprised this is coming around again i feel sorry for anyone who comes across this crap get yourself a new plug asap or this shit will fuck your lungs up.

  2. Came across sprayed bud in Amsterdam in like 2008!all the tourist coffeeshops around the red light district sold it and crappy soapy type hash. Quickly learned where to smoke in Holland and only use these 4-5 coffee shops in the city to this day when I’m there.

  3. Have a look in uk grow shops bottles of terps everywhere iv recently stopped smoking because of thiss and you forgot to say sugar makes buds go pale and it won't dry or go brittle and not to mention it sounds like a stone dropping on the scails get ya self's some glucose strips for diabetes

  4. It's unfortunate that you guys over there have to deal with this crap. I live in the mountains of Virginia in the US. I've never had a problem finding good, quality bud because I know a lot of old heads that have always grown their own.

  5. A few years ago I swear I had weed that had spice sprayed on it. It was really intense and I couldn’t move. Then 30 minutes later it had worn off and I felt like you normally would when stoned.

  6. Thanks for speaking up about this issue. Some of the reasons Germany wants to legalize soon are the health aspects of bud you don‘t know anything about. People tend to mess with the bud and cause health problems for consumers. In Germany HHC is big right now and almost every CBD place sadly now is stacked with HHC (which is also just CBD sprayed with synthetics).. They try to end this madness by legalizing for personal use, reduce the harm by letting people grow and buy in CSCs and grow at home (our minister of health is doing a big campaign about it right now.). I don‘t get why places where it‘s legal already, try to mess with the plant for no valid reason whatsoever. Isn‘t it enough to have a legal market and to get it legally? 😅

  7. In Australia back like 2010/12 old blokes who grew bush by the kilo would put coke or Pepsi in a spray bottle and mist over all the weed while it’s drying to give it a sticky feeling 😂 trippin cxnts use to think they had new strains but whole time was just a bunch of bush farmers spraying bud with Pepsi lad 😂

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  9. This is all over the uk honestly if they get it right you can not tell at all but I have experimented myself a few years back and it gives a cold tingle to your tongue that’s the only way u can tell

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