The Skate Legend Who Escaped Death & Saved Thrasher: Don 'Nuge' Nguyen | Epicly Later'd

Epicly Later’d returns with a brand new season. On this premiere episode we sit down with Don ‘Nuge’ Nguyen to learn about his …

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  1. It's always so crazy to hear skaters stories being dirt broke to making this whole life with crazy stories. the one thing I think is they lived. something people don't always do taking risks just chasing what they love doing.

  2. Yeah, toy machine deciding not to sponsor Nuge because of a piercing…that's not suss or anything. Dude couldn't even look at the camera. Admit it, it was a race thing and you lost out big time, smh.

  3. These vice skate videos take me straight back to the happiest days of my life as a kid and there amazing short documentaries. I’d love to see one on every skater ever honestly.

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