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  1. Idgaf what you think I’ve done wrong. You’re job isn’t to judge me or my life based on my videos. Enjoy the content, or leave.
    That’s the whole point.

  2. he just needs to become more cynical, like when you find yourself all alone in your last year of highschool, and all the friends you had are in the same highschool, you just dont care about how they feel about you no more, and thats exactly what happened to me this year, and i still dont give a fuck, you just need to love yourself enough to learn that in life you come alone and leave alone, no one is gonna have your back as you are gonna have your back, so dude, fuck what they say, fuck what they feel, validation from others is totally irrelevant, you can live happily completely alone.



    im someone who saw the good in this kid, and honestly thinks he doesnt deserve any of it. so im sharing this with people that may have the same struggle as i did, or even nate who literally doesnt even have the fault that yola is a fucking ignorant who doesnt know what fanboying is, thats not clout chasing, thats not even nate doing it, he should be mad at the guy impersonating him, but as he has said before the internet is brutal and people just judge since the start.

  3. I used to enjoy your video ! Your most positive videos … The videos you work hard on not being a dick are well enjoyed by so many people but this provocative shit to get views gets you in deep shit so why bother with it ?

  4. Nate I just wanna say even after all the bullshit people wanna put you through your still standing tall and pushing to do what you love and I think that’s why people love your content. We see or I see how hard you’ve worked to get where you are. I know you don’t need someone to tell you this but your a great motivation for me to get my own place and to just live how you want to in your own skin and not being fake trying to put in a front . You got my support till the end bc I see the love . Your an amazing person and I know this isn’t the end but yet a beginning of the chapter. Your too real for the YouTube community for real..

  5. You are one big weirdo and it was worth giving you the view to let you know that. And yes you are a going crazy put it any way you want ya need help kid. People who smoke weed don't act like that dude.

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