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  1. Always remember i like to call it the win win matrix. Stupid ppl think in a how do i win idc if others lose just as long as im good who cares. The bandits cause themselves a loss trying to make a gain and even worse theres some dumb bandits who try to make a win win turn into a win lose for themselves n then theres the worst of the worst those who think in lose lose and cause everyone around then to lose as a result of their stupidity and the addition of being a bandit. Im not exactly remembering that matrix correct cuz im trying to dumb it down for a kid to understand lol so there's that it isn't like my original idea lol but it's a how stupid ppl think vs how smart ppl think. But there was even 1 thst would cause themselves to lose for another person or others to win i think but at a loss to themself I'll need review it again cuz the main point i was trying to get across was don't be the bandits and lose lose ppl &don't give them work or respect they don't deserve or if it's stolen etc. Sounds like they had a total dumb bandit as their social media guy. But I can find a video on the win win win lose lose win lose lose matrix thing.

  2. That was hell of a story time 😜 Imho, u should've just tell Josh to pay you – he would accept it fo sure, cz he's a good guy. Also think u should've accept ocb 's offer, but what they did with a law suit is just messed up. I'm just saying, what I would do. You did it ur way w Push Trees and look where u at now! So awesome 👍🏼

  3. First shi from u I’ve watched in a min idk why you have just felt to professional and when I watch a w33dtuber I don’t wanna see professionalism tbh love you Thomas it’s just I feel the content isn’t the same anymore

  4. I didn't even know about any lawsuit. I don't worry about that shit. You're gonna tell me what you want to tell me. And I'll listen to you, lol. It's such a beautiful and simple relationship we have. You don't want to bother me with shit until you got something to say. And I'll listen to it,lol again. Thanks Thomas,we know your fighting the fight. We all do. We don't got to splain nothing unless we get paid…baaa

  5. bro i wanna meet yola bro has so much knowledge n drive that ik my simple brain couldnt possibly soak up or comprehend forever respect bro u are the reason why u are where u are at now stayin tuned in

  6. You hopefully sees this i started smoking raws because of him for me hes a mentor and the more he talks the more i respect him and follow him more he’s helping me through my toughest times and everyday geys harder with him it becomes easier im with him thank you man fr im working towards being up there with you

  7. smokes these big ol blunts to the face alone , whata fucking legend man I’d be looking for someone to pass that too after a couple hits manee 🤣🤣bro has lungs of steel 🪖

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