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  1. Just likee I've been missing a long time. I know for a fact I'm Pablo ESCOBARS DAUGHTER refused any NHS care raped thousands time bone marrow stolen loads of FETUSES and babies offe. It's in my rare BLOODLINE some will have ESCOBAR syndrome and MICRODUPLICATE CHROMOSOME 16p.13.11

  2. Wealthy people's lives are too precious not to save. The poor are a dime a dozen. Dick Cheney as an example according to the Business Round Table contributes the same as one million working class worker and that is just one man. Society cannot afford to let such valuable people pass away because they couldn't get an organ.

  3. Who is doing the surgeries to implant these organs? Are they going to third world countries? Don't organs need to transferred within a certain amount of time?

  4. There is safe method to transplant, but obviously this one is not.
    I’ve been looking up things related to Korean history lately and saving them up in my playlists; but as far as public venues go, I’m afraid it’s not ‘intelligent’ enough method to say have a deal with the form of trauma I’ve myself likely received over the years. It’s not just the organ market, it’s in the environment

  5. Always thought this was a joke fairy tale…. Does anyone know how much care has to happen for decent organ transfer? Seriously thought only cannibals were paying for this but wow

  6. personally I'm getting to the point were this is lite compared to the child trafficking the HHS is being investigated for, or the weaponization of the FBI against citizens, or the NSA gang stalking and mass surveillance, or the CIA's corrupt forms of recruitment and blackmail to leverage their power over their own agents. which in knowing that imagine how they treat the citizens.

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