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  1. bag appeal is a non sense to me. keep it real people. what matters is effects, taste and yield. no other factors count. it's all marketing bs and non sense. i'd rather have a shit looking weed that blows my head than a tasty good looking "do nothing" to me.

  2. Crazy real talk man marijuana plants being around like here on Guam USA legalized.. 60s 70s and the 80s having pure Vietnam sativa brought by the brothers coming from Vietnam like indica I believe it was early eighties also the 90-day Wonder Hawaiian hash buds oldies plants were grown Outdoors thanks to Mother Nature's Pets those flying Critters the bees honey bees transporting sativa pollen and raping every strain mixing and Crossing crossbreeding back then we couldn't even name these plans😂 yes sir talking about sensimilla not after them bees got through it f it rape it but knowing pure sativa crossing with pure indica we were getting stoned to the Bone I don't know how my no seeds producing plant😮 seed but I guess he wants those bees

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