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  1. Hey abby just not worth it..… small ass spot. cant grow any good genetics in this… will out grow it. or youll end up with barley an oz every harvest.. get a grow tent and an ac, youll be making 10x more weed…

  2. Be real and colab with me, I’d be so grateful bro!! I’m from TX and I’ve never been down there and I would love to get the chance. Please🫶🏻

  3. Yo how do I get my hands on some gas in the LBC. Just moved here from Germany and I’m turnin 21 in two months. But y’all already know I can’t wait that long to smoke that gaaaas. I been goin crazy for not smokin in a minute and the people infront of the dispensary won’t hook a brother up . Please I need help guys

  4. I just started growing two of my own plants, I harvested my first ever plant two months ago and got 3 ozs from one plant in my 2×2 indoor grow tent, now I'm growing jelly pancakes strain trying to find a male plant so I can breed it with a female black ice strain plant and create my own strain. Both strains were gas when I had em, over 30% cannabinoids

  5. It does appear like you should be cleaning out the container more often to prevent issues like these because eventually there will come along a bacteria that is resistant to the hydroguard that will do the same thing. Nice work though man, I use this product called Mr. humic and it is a rooting and nutrient uptake solution ill skip the sciency explanation as to how it works but essentially it just bonds to the nutrients and allows them easier entrance into the roots, and more nitrogen generally equals more root growth. I will also add I recommend checking your pH after adding your nutrients and stuff as some chemicals in the fertilizer will be either acidic or basic and that can set your pH out of wack in some uncommon cases but its just a prevention thing better safe than sorry, we all hate investing a lot of time just for it to go to waste because of one small oversight. Keep up the good work man remember there is a whole community online and out there that would love to give you any advice you could possibly need.

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