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  1. C’mon drew nothing is worth $1000 an Oz. What I would like to see under full analysis is this. Are the terpenes belong to the species or is it a combination of sprayed and the lemon smell off the plant naturally. Has berner cookies got anything to do with it and did he put it in one of his rap songs? I was watching a podcast recently and one guy says that weeds in USA are being sprayed with synthetics made very pro in china. So I’d stick with your family of friends you have at home and let USA varieties be what they say they claim to be OR contact Kevin Jodry who grows on valleys of California and is a true New Yorker by origin. He’s the man.

  2. Nah thanks… I’ll stick with my own product which is basically free, and is better quality than any of that cali rubbish… and better still I have the choice of as many strains as I like.. result

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