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  1. You’ve seen uni students shooting up K have ya? A gram of liquid K? Some hard partiers those ones… love when muppets try to make out things are worse than they are… lucky they were knocking out the whole horse on this occasion, could’ve been a disaster if they OD’d just half of it. 🤦🏻‍♂️

  2. It’s 1.5 grams and intravenous, you friends will have immense problems to use it intramuscular, intravenous 70mg knocks you out for some time, before able to redo it. 1.5 gram only nasal, and that’s not impressive…..🌈🪬

  3. I once took 500mg of K but it didnt knock me out. I couldnt move and was sitting on the bathroom floor while my family was having friends over outside the door. My mom asked if i was at the toilet and i just yelled something completely random. My toilet looked to be the size of an house. Im glad it only affected me for few minutes and then i went to meet the party people.

  4. Ketamine liquid is used by Veterinarian to perform surgery on horses 🐴 undergoing treatment in a veterinarian hospital 🏥

    The abused of Ketamine liquid to be used by drugs offenders will land you in jail without a doubt.

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