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  1. Bro you gotta try a ball vape! It’s the same thing as this but a more desktop version that plugs in and you can get BIG milky clouds, no combustion. I just got my elev8r ball vape a week ago and coming from someone who used to take big bong rips daily, it’s completely changed the game for me. Insanely flavorful milky clouds from the elev8r ball vape.

  2. I use the nectar dry herb vap off amazon for using my medical c the are definitely different at hitting it only goes to 240v but words we'll and no one knows what your smoking when out and about ..love from the uk 🇬🇧

  3. MrTHC dropping the underrated knowledge here. Vaporization is way healthier due to it not fully combusting our product. This has definitely been the direction I have been headed, just crazy trying to try to figure out which dry herb vaporizer is the highest functioning and well made. Keep it up Loui, you the realest.

  4. Love them. I got the old Mighty and got the latest version beginning of the year. Flavor and battery life are insane. I use the finished flower to make oil or cookies. Not as strong, but does the job. (You need a lot, haha) Big pros for me are, heath, flavor, less smoke and no burning smell.

  5. Definitely recommend anything from storz & bickel , costly but worth it! The high is strong af and you get big clouds. Your not inhaling carcinogens, high last longer, taste amazing and you keep the decarbed bud at the end and can save it to make edibles etc.

  6. I seen you earlier today bro I couldn’t think of your YouTube name bc it’s been a min since I watched you since I stopped smokin ab 2 years ago. Used to watch all the old vids much love bro thanks for the pic 🙏🤙

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