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  1. My pal who had never smoked went amsterdam smoked a few pre rolls with tobacco then came back to the uk saying he can smoke loads i was like ok let me roll 1 for you and he threw a whitey didnt even finnish the joint 😂😂

  2. Not only are they not containing a lot of tabacco, its also trimmings they put in the joints. I even seen that they take the stems and break them to fine powder and then jjust throw it in the pre roll mix.

  3. Come to rotterdam brotha, imma give you some real morrocan hash straight from the land, hash so fresh you can still taste the air and ground of morroco none of that bullshit white people weed in amsterdam which 95% of amsterdam is litteraly a tourist trap.

  4. Blue Bird sells everything pre-bagged but if you like hash, especially traditional sorts like Leb gold, Pakistani charas, Indian and Nepalese, Blue Bird is a good place to check out, It isn't a big place and gets clogged up when it's busy so if they were cutting hash to order it would be a nightmare, they'd be queueing up outside to get in, I think that's why they do it the way they do. They also sell traditional sensi types like columbian gold, oxacana, acupulco gold, thai stick and all that if you prefer that kind of vibe. Sometimes it's nice to smoke that stuff with your breakfast coffee. A good lemon haze is way stronger but can cabbage you so you're in a daze all day and if you want to be partying later on it isn't always good to be getting blasted at 8am.

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