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  1. My bro and I both wanted the puffco peak pro and after seeing the focus carta v helix I kinda wanted that. My bro wanted the peak before either of us even tried 1 but couldn't justify price. So after he smoked from 1 he said he was going to own 1 so I tried it n I was on the peak train as well. So I did some research and watched your videos on them both and decided. We bought the puffco peak and I found out I won my bid and got my carta both today. Thanks for your info n insite. Watching from Upstate Ny

  2. You say the names so fast, with nothing written on screen or in the video description. Had to rewatch 2-3 times sometimes to get the name to google. Great video, though. Some kind of affiliate link to each product would help someone watching this identify and locate the device, and gets you paid as well… just a thought

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