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  1. I want to see someone FIM a auto 🤘🏻 it's way less stressful on a plant then normal topping so I bet it'll help the auto not be affected as much. I think that's the next big idea mark my word. I'm trying it 🤘🏻💨🌱

  2. Around week 3-4 I like to bend my whole plant over to one side so it grows more horizontal and the branches grow straight up. I have bottom branches just as strong as the main cola and if the main cola grows too big I start training it around the pot so everything is about the same height. I only defoliate what wont get light and very sparingly take a few fan leaves that are blocking stuff. Mostly tucking the leaves though. I feel like the general census in the community is to not top autoflowers lol I trust that you guys arent trying something "new" here. Yes, it's new for you guys, but across the board most channels are not topping their autoflower and that isn't to say it wont turn out fine. But you guys really have no way of knowing unless there was another plant just like it you could compare it to. I don't think it really matters as the difference will be negligible but it was painful for me to hear her really not want to top it and him keep egging her on about it. I'm team no top for autos lol it's still going to grow weed on it but will we really be able to say which is better?! probably not lol

  3. You guys are such a cute couple. I bet you've been/ together a long time. You seem to get along really well to. I been with my gal for 28 years. How long have you guys been together? If I may ask?

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