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  1. This Canadian would absolutely love to have one of these awesome machines! I would probably smash a whole plant of the blueberry kush I'm growing! And I tell you I would make an epic video doing it all! Watching from the Cowichan Valley on Vancouver Island in Canada! Cheers, Jerbs 👍🏼🔥🇨🇦

  2. Minis are $1800 in Australia, i went the cheap skate option with a ebay special from china with a 5t carjack and it does the job but has been a nightmare to use, the plate design is impossible to use, it overheats and the temps are not acurate overall is a pice shit and i dont see it lasting more than 6 months, 10 pucks in and the jack is leaking and having issue's, credit where its due with the lifetime warranty! But the mini needs to come down to $800 AUD for me to be keen, the quality on the nugsmasher bags are top notch! Even with me putting 4-5 tone on some second press pucks the stiching never gave out😂🤙🏼

  3. Can I buy this nug smasher mini in Houston texas? Would the machine be shipped or would it be already here? Also I usually always see jungle boys being pressed. Have you gotten higher returns with certain brands like cookies, don merfo, sherbmoney, etc. If so could you name a few?

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