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  1. Very strong Medical Cannabis!
    I hope here in Austria where I live they make it legal for people who don’t have the right people to get good Quality!
    There are so many Bars you can drink the hardest Alcohol without being in the right Age the same like Tobacco Stores.
    Nice greetings to all Stoners and everybody else!
    Mike ✌️

  2. The whole UK medical cannabis system is broken at this point. It's just a cash grab for clinics and a bud grab for stoners. Drew is a prime example of this. Clearly he's a recreational user first and foremost, his medical bud reviews don't even mention the potential medical benefits of the strains. And is open about using both medical bud and black market…. MC is the only area of medicine this is disregarded. If your gp knew you were using illegally obtained medication on top of what they'd prescribed they stop issuing you with more. Drew probably smokes multiple times more BM bud than what hes prescribed, and his doctor must know about his videos.
    I'd argue a lot of patients are the same, and value the recreational experience higher than the medical effects. If that weren't the case people would actually mention the medical effects of strains, but reviews are always focused of terpenes, appearance, and recreational effects 😅

    Im not against recreational cannabis, or medical cannabis. Its just a bit of an act on both sides, medical professionals and patients.

  3. So here in ny theory difference between recreational and medicinal weed is the quantity really no difference I the bud at all just the quantity but unlike co there's really no limit if u go to the rez u can buy a pound no problem that's where I go I go to flying high at the Tonawanda rez best prices 120 top shelf oz 50 for some regi Oz but its not dirt weed it's actually alright not the worst thing for 50 an Oz well worth it

  4. I had my medical bud taken off me by police before was like cheers now not sleeping coz u took something off me I'm prescribed got it back few weeks later after they realised the mistake

  5. FYI, that tester you use definitely doesn't work. I've seen videos where they put tea leaves in it and it says 3% THC. Just to give you a heads up. That's why they were so shady to you in the past and took the device back. They are a terrible company and alot of people complain about their stuff.

  6. Been smoking for 15 years and up until I discovered this channel I thought the whole “strain” thing was a joke. I thought weed was weed no matter what name you put on it. Drew has opened my mind to a whole new world of cannabis. Cannabis strains are a real thing and would have never went down the rabbit hole of cannabis genetics and terp profiles if it wasn’t for him. This guy is the real deal.

  7. Medical bud is hilarious here in the U.S. There are very successful dispensaries all over the place, and you only need a diagnosis of an anxiety disorder, which the same doctors who prescribe medical licenses will give you for a $100 consultation that goes like "do you feel anxious sometimes" and you say "yeah" and they're like "damn that's crazy, here's an official diagnosis of your anxiety disorder, and you should receive a call shortly about approving your medical card" It's just a way to give the medical industry their little tax while also portraying the system as medical care instead of obviously state sponsored drug dealing.

  8. I’ve been smoking 30% bud on the Rez for a bit and didn’t know that it was considered even good I thought it was boof until I had it test and even still I didn’t understand at the time how good it was can bud be stronger than 30%?

  9. We have "Chapel of Love" in the medical dispensaries in Ohio (in small batches, probably cuz it doesn't yield well) and it is FIRE!! I started smoking in 2000 and have smoked ALOT of strains in my life and its definitely in the top 25% of the terp/thc profiles that I've seen in a LONG TIME.

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