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  1. Such a good episode man just gotta love Kyle man dumbing everything down for us stoners man really breaking it down for newbies that’s why I love Kyle man he shows that passion for wanting to educate A+ 👍🏻

  2. these guys are awesome, i was all in w kyle years ago on the biocanna line, i never got to try vegamatrix as i got back into growing last year or so and saw it was shuttered. i was looking for something that would check all my boxes and found OA! i watched every appearance i could find of todd an erik its awesome that kyle is using organics alive now i know i made the right choice stuff is the best

  3. Ok chuckleheads. Worm castings are microbial dominant. I would love to hear about the over 100 trace elements n stuff that’s in them. Also cellulose and chitin degraders are fungus. Worm castings are not fungnally dominant so if you wanted cellulose recycling I believe you would need to inoculate with fungal colonies

  4. Recently started down the organic growing rabbit hole. Worm castings are essential. Simple compost teas with molasses has made all my amendments bioavailable and my plants are loving life.

  5. I remember when some great liquid Bat Guano, that even Kyle used to use(Kyle wouldn't use Guano), was around (maybe still is..?!).
    I believe it was "Nature's Nectar" stand alone Liquid Bat Guano product(not their NPK line though, that's "Muddier".)And only available in gallons. This stuff was incredibly clean! It really just had the color of water. Very cool product!
    I think that was the last Bat Guano Kyle ever used..?! He came up with Vegamatrix right after that.
    I'm using BPN's Farmers Pride organic blend, which is extremely clean, but with Guano, Blood, Bone meal, and a tiny amount of Calcium Nitrate in the Grow formula, and a tiny amount of MKP in the Bloom formula. The Micronutrient formula is Chelated with Amino Acids.
    This is a fermented product, yet really unnoticeable in solution. Very clean.
    I'm really hoping Organics Alive is just as clean (not muddy, like an emulsion, or GO's Bio Grow, Bio Bloom). Most organic liquids are muddy like that..?!
    Really looking forward to checking out all the Organics Alive products! Sounds fantastic, Kyle!👍💯✌️

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