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  1. Just love ur guy's show & knowledge on growing auto's. Never have won anything,so just keep up the show. My wife loves watching Heaven, We both wish ya verry happy birthday!

  2. hey I love your videos keep it up guys!! I was wondering and hoping you could get your hands on and do a par test for the Maxsisun's led lights, specifically the new MG3000 and the MF2000 and MF1000. these are great lights and are extremely affordable. If you could check out these lights and make a video it would be a HUGE benefit towards the community. the more people we can to get started growing the better world this will be!!

  3. "Its here" iv finally got my hands on 1 seed, from Barney's farm, "Skywalker OG auto according to labels but will it be a success or a total flop we will keep higain know how it goes thanks again guys

  4. I need to pick up one of those stand alone units eventually, the sensor itself has been great for getting readings out here in the studio, but when I am in the garage it is kind of a pain =) Nice video folks, hope you are both well =)

  5. Well done! I don't know jack sh!t and PAR reading and all that.. way above my pay grade but this at least helped me get a better understanding of how useful it is for us.

    You made it pretty easy to understand.

  6. So Viparspectra says a XS2000 covers a 2×4 but if you want good enough light for flower you need to have two lights. If the light can fit in a 2×2 how is it suppose to flower out a 2×4??
    So they are just advertising veg lights and have to double it for flower?
    On top of having horrible customer service

  7. Please make more videos of yall growing and hanging out. I can't even find your channel on you tube because you aren't making enough videos. The more videos you make the more easier it is to find you

  8. Fluid info guys, easy to follow and step by step, love the content like previous comments some info can be misleading, and yes that is correct and with that said most people will realise the lies from the truth and what love you can get back just by grabbing that info and delivery like the bosses you guys are #SolidTruth

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