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  1. I wanna know the intricacies of setting everything up, what you have your settings at for each unit, how they're triggered etc… Any way you can make a video on that? Nothing really great out there

  2. Can’t just set vpd to humidity and forget it. Temp has to stay in the range tha you set the humidity for. I’m die hard AC INFINITY. They need to work on the controller software. My data charts look like it’s straight out of a punk band. There’s always a +2 to -2 variance. I have tried to adjust it to zero and things are switching on and off every 20 seconds

  3. I just wish AC released an evaporative humidifier instead of an ultra sonic model.

    The only thing I hate more than having to buy distilled water for my humidifier is the mineral deposits that coat my plants, tent, Cloudrays and my inline pre-filter just gets plugged up after a few weeks of using tap water. It is a problem.

  4. This is what I’m talking about if you’re gonna teach somebody how to grow, you have to know how to grow first… there is no set it and forget it when it comes to VPD…..KPA number will always fluctuate so as a grower you have to be on top of all your pieces of equipment to make sure that your K PA number is in range. There is no set it and forget it when it comes to VPD. You guys are a joke stop teaching people the wrong way……

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