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  1. Waiting for my IL medical card to arrive (it takes 3 months… no shit. I am a few days away) and ended up just saying fuck it and decided to take a month out. Then at around a month I decided to just try to apply for a few newer jobs that paid more so I kept the T break going. Ended up getting hired for a way better position and one that I just completed grad school for. Was totally worth it. Not the first time I did this, its really worth being able to apply and not stress about the drug test. Thankfully, if the right people get elected we could have legal weed on the federal level soon. 5ish years away IMO. Keep up the good work, I am a looong time watcher.

  2. jeeeez i couldn't believe i watched a 20min video at first lol, went by so fast. im wonderin if you guys got plans for merch or smthn so we can support with $ . neways yall them dudes, dope episode ayy

  3. What do you think is the best way to get into the industry? I live in ohio where medical is just coming out. Ive been watching the industry grow studying it since 2005 when i started smoking. I can grow i know more than 99% of the people i talk to. Whats your opinions. Love the show been a fan since day 1! Also old style content is still my fav #bobbylon4lyfe

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