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  1. The majority of this is only applicable if you're using shyt soil in a small less than 5 gallon plastic pot.
    If you want to grow in SOIL then you grow in Living Organic Soil in 20+ gallon fabric pots, use a proper aerated soil, add a cover crop, worms, predator bugs, thick mulch layer, inoculate with mycorrhazae and water about 5% of soil volume pretty much EVERYDAY, you NEVER ever allow roots to "dry out" which will kill root tips and hairs and the top feeder roots.
    If you want to bottle feed nutrients then do NOT use soil, use coco coir and again water everyday and never allow the medium and roots to dry out.

    If you have to do what this video says then you are hamstringing
    Also putting a seedling in a large pot is not any problem unless you're an idiot.
    You only water a small circle around the plant not soak the entire pot, that way the water gets literally sucked away by the slightly drier soil and you may have to water more than once a day and each time you do you add dissolved oxygen to the root zone.

  2. Cannabis will tell you when to water I mean if you lift the pot and it’s light and the first inch of soil is dry definitely water but not long after that you plant will start wilting and prior to wilting the stem will become flimsy and rubbery like the stem is wilted but the leaves aren’t also this will tend to happen much quicker in coco rather than sool

  3. Only thing I disagree on is- how can you have any idea if a plant needs to be watered using your finger to check the top 5% of the soil, what about the other 95%? going by weight is much more accurate 🙂 thanks for the vid!

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