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  1. a lot easier to trim when your on the same level to the plant….just a bit of FYI…saves the back too ! 🙂 I am also gonna try a GroBucket and see what she does, thanks for the info on those guys !

  2. Congratulat on the awesome studio progress. Im not sure it would be to your guyz taste & fit for your studio buuut…you should check out ac's 2 in 1 tents. I think they have 3 different sizes.

  3. Just popped 2 Ethos Planet of the Grapes autos. They are just my fun 2. In my 4×4 I have 4- Sour Grape Rock Candy From Welcome to the grow tent. They are in autopots. Both grows are getting Gaia Green Can’t wait for the next run. Gonna run John Lemon by Irie genetics -(east coast sour D x Lemon Skunk)

  4. Gonna take longer to finish now every time I have topped an auto it adds a few weeks to my total grow time and doesn't really add to my harvest and sometimes I feel less than lst but keen to see how you go 🤷‍♂️

  5. Well I was high again so I missed the live. But ya you did a great job of getting her trimmed up and tied down. And she looks great . BRAVO three cheers. I have plants at the same age 40 days its so much fun to work on them takes away the stress I get lost in the plants and what they need. So this being an auto when is it going to flower ?

  6. I have a hard time with floral Flex my girls all turned yellowish every time I've tried low strength cuz that's what it recommends for soil then the second run I try medium strength and once I switch the flower I actually had to switch over to a different nutrients to bring them back I don't know what I'm doing wrong with that stuff

  7. It's looking great so far guys! I've been running canna coco a+b in my autopots and it's been absolutely fantastic and easy since you use both throughout the entire grow. You guys should definitely try canna nutrients on one of your grows.

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