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  1. Thanks for all the info brother! Im just starting down the road of access clinics due to health problems. Theres certain strains that like you, send my anxiety sky high so this video has been great in shedding some more light on what strains will be best for me. Cheers!

  2. damn i did not know terpenes cold do this much, i thought they were literally just flavour and taste
    in fact i always thought what could make the effects different was cannabinoids and how much of them there is in your bud
    so like if your bud is old, thc probably degraded a bit into cbn making your weed more relaxing and making you be very sleepy
    if it is an indica so then probably it has more cbd in it, which is also a bit sedative
    this kind of thing, but not terps

  3. Josh from raw talks alot about all this so you get the idea of it all but then I come here because you talk about it and explain it all in great detail and have alot of information on things

  4. Whats ur group on discord my bro? Oh and the videos are great!!

    If u really wanna take it to the next level learn and educate yourself about “trichomes” if u aint already. You will understand very fast what to pick up and what to say no thanks to with a simple 60X-100X pocket microscope.. thank me later 👊

  5. in cali they got sum stizzys that have cannabis derived terps for like 30-40 a half and i was always only bud or live rosin hash or whatever out a rig but they smack have sooooo much more flavor than carts and sum wax it feels like your smoking the bud shit was pretty coo

  6. you livestreaming on twitch is a Little fucked and i can’t really watch them. I just found a old old video of yours, where you promote your DREWISSTREAMING Channel. A sick idea would be for you too upload live stream highlights again. I just watched them. There sick.

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