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  1. If you guys are ever up to doing any videos on more advance stuff, I’d be more than happy to assist. Short path distillation, making feminized seeds, growing automation…. So on… I’m also in Michigan.

  2. Just bought a 4×4 infinity with your promo code!! I purchased a 3×3 ac last year on your code! Excited the full reveal of the grow side once completed!! Happy growing

  3. sorry about last comment i got stresses out but i just smoked on some of my home grown GG#4 lol so now im good so yeah sorry again for the weird message last time my bad guys anyways im loving the looks of that plant and im excited to see what the infinity lights do

  4. im not sure about those under lights, but the ones i use make a difference 100% for the start keep them on the lowest setting, also because you introduced them to the plant this late in its life you may stress the plant out. Its best to do it very early in the plants life, great job thinking outside the box

  5. so 50k subs makes you enough money to buy a new building just to grow in WOW im in the wrong business lol i was told like 10 years ago you can make money by making youtube videos but i really didnt belive it so i never even thought about trying and now its way to late to start a channel because one im getting older and 2 theres allready to many people trying to make money off of youtube instead of getting s real job that makes the world go around like logging or farming and shit like that shit that helps people and not ripping them off like youtube does

  6. Stop apologizing for the light and whatever else. If people don't like it they can learn somewhere else it's not that bad.
    Now let's talk about that little baby girl you have ther I love it . The plant not the sink lol 🤣 good job wish mine looked that good

  7. Also the top of the leaf is the green side… why are you lighting the bottom? thats like a worst case scenario for these lights working. With them flickering on camera i doubt we will see a Ep.2 with this version of these lights

  8. Those look like nice lights but I think they are way too close the way you have them now. If you attached them to the sides of the tent and turned the brightness all the way down I think you might have a better result. It takes a while for the evidence of light burn to appear, and when it does, it looks just like a potassium deficiency.

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