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  1. If I had to make a deal with the devil, I want no one to ever hit my high level, I know something special, in my blood vessel, so I'm gonna revel, this revelation, because it breeding lyrical creation, my imagination and concentration is a whole another variation, to the explanation of life to this generation, so I want to lay down the main foundation to this music peace station and help you with new information, through song education.

  2. The green demonic, chronic, sipping gin and tonic, laid back pounds in the sack, alot of you sounding wack, I'm the grim reaper (he's back) I won't eat ya, I just say when your time is up, no more female butt. For you, what have you turned me into, stronger then vinshu, and shiva, while smoking that sativa and then the indica to surpass Brahma, but still I want no drama. Just saying quit playing, I don't care I'm staying, when's this job gonna start paying.

  3. Even something small like a bonsai, can take your eye, away from the biggest tree no matter how high. What I'm saying is even through torture, you can be someone like taughtya, no matter how held down you are, just shoot far, show everyone who you are.

  4. Problem solver, everyday evolver, all up in your vulva, I know may sound vulgar, but you know who told ya, mctaughtya.
    In a world that's darker, I'm the chronic lighter, black hole fighter.
    Catch me if you can, I'm the gingerbread man, winging it without a plan,where even am I again, see this is why you'll never win, I'm sick of arguin.

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